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Blog 37Be the Bomb!

There is a time to blow up myths, barriers, stereotypes, sacred cows, PC blinders, and that demotivating same-old-same-old thinking. There are moments we need to… Read more

Blog 36Cameron Mark Lewis on Changing the World.

Want to change the world? I do. According to Cameron Mark Lewis, a San Francisco based producer and director (specializing in commercial and film production) community and collaboration are the key to world-change.

Blog 35Steve jobs’ Advice for Success.

Steve Jobs has some great business advice for those of us eager to succeed at work. According to this I.T. entrepreneur and inventor, (known for being the co-founder and CEO of Apple), being ourselves is foundational to being successful. Read more

Blog 34Business Brilliance from Thomas Edison.

Business is tough. Here’s some workplace wisdom from Thomas Edison: Don’t give up! At least, don’t give up too soon! There’s a time to cut our losses, but don’t be blind to the success that could be just around your corner. Read more

Blog 33Super Bowl Rejects Give us Super Hope!

Ever been rejected, castoff, or fired? It’s no fun. I know firsthand. But be inspired! With tenacity and talent your story is not done. Night may fall, but morning is coming. Darkness may loom, but light will shine. God has something “SUPER” for you. Read more

Blog 32Cam Newton’s Winning Advice.

#1 Cam Newton has some advice for winning.

But first, let me remind you that this is Super Bowl Week. The Carolina Panthers will compete on Sunday against the Denver Broncos at Levi’s Stadium (in Santa Clara, California). The NFL championship and the coveted silver Vince Lombardi Trophy are on the line. Read more

Blog 31The Key to Massive Gains.

Lifting Big? Dreaming Big? Planning Big? Then get a spotter. The right form and the right workout can’t replace the huge hefty gains that only come with that final rep—made possible with a spotter present. The right diet and the right supplements can’t replace the massive mammoth gains that only come with that last contracted pump—made possible with a spotter by your side. Read more

Blog 30Coach Joe Paterno’s Secret to Success.

Everyone wants to be a success. We all want our teams (at work, in life, and on the field) to win. Joe Paterno understood how to pull victories out of his athletes because he understood the guts of coaching. Known for his amazing tenure of coaching the Penn State Nittany Lions from 1966 to 2011, Joe was a man of heart and depth. Read more

Blog 29Why CEO Eric Schmidt Believes Every Leader Needs a Coach.

Everybody needs a coach—at least according to Eric Schmidt who is currently the Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc. If you don’t recognize his name, let me remind you that Eric was on the board at Apple from 2006-2009. He became incredibly noteworthy when he served as the CEO of Google for a decade from 2001-2011. Read more

Blog 283 Ways You Need to be like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a current phenomenon. This American billionaire business magnate is dominating headlines. This bombastic investor, socialite, author, and television personality is the talk of the town. This 2016 candidate for President of the United States is leading in the polls.  Read more

Blog 27Reaching Excellence!

Reaching excellence and preventing failure are two different things.
In his work, “Now Discover Your Strengths”, Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, discuss the need to release our myopic preoccupation with improving our weaknesses and to instead focus on refining, honing, and perfecting our strengths! Read more

Blog 26Why You’re Programmed to Fail!

We are programmed to fail. But you can remedy that, by changing your focus. More in a moment.

First, know that we are born with fallen natures. We live with broken people. We exist in a harsh, negative world. Read more