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I was Born a Coach. Destined to be a Success Life Coach.

I was born to be a coach. I was raised by coaches. Mom coached kids in the classroom and athletes on the playing field. Dad coached tennis and basketball. In addition, dad served as a lifeguard, educator, and referee to provide for our family.

As providence would have it, I was destined to coach. And like father, like son, I also served as a lifeguard, educator, and referee. Consequently, in addition to coaching others, it became second nature for me to guard the lives of others, teach others, and officiate matters with others.

Coaches have made a big difference in my life. In the early years, my Cub Scout Leader, Choir Director, ASB Adviser, and Football Coach all made meaningful deposits in my growth bank. At UCLA, my Academic Adviser, Fraternity Big Brother, Weightlifting Coach, and Campus Crusade Discipler all helped me to make direction-setting decisions.

Coaches have gotten me through the demands of adulthood. My dissertation adviser got me through my Ph.D. program. My pastor got me through my engagement. My NCAA mentors got me through reffing camps, tests, games, and the nerves of March Madness.

Coaches (of all kinds) help me in areas I’m not very good. I have a financial advisor, a tax man, a car mechanic, a plumber, an air conditioning guy, and a barber. Coaches also help me in areas I’d rather not spend my time; I now have a gardener, pool man, a pest control guy, and I’m contemplating paying someone to hang the Christmas lights for me this year (ha). But best of all, coaches help me to live well. I have a doctor, chiropractor, dentist, and orthodontist to keep my body and my teeth healthy and properly aligned.

And of course, I have my own Life Coach. Call him a counselor, consultant, therapist, or shrink, I have someone I meet with weekly who is committed to keeping my heart, mind, and soul healthy and aligned too. Someone who keeps me thriving personally, professionally, and relationally.

I know firsthand the consequences of not having a close trusted Life Coach to keep me focused, on track, and accountable. I know the fallout of getting too isolated, trying to gut it out alone, not wanting to appear weak, biting the bullet, losing perspective, eventually losing my way, and then undermining my life. Never again. A Life Coach is a lifeguard.

What good is a nice home, manicured yard and clean car, without good relationships to enjoy them? What profit is fit body and straight white teeth, if one’s mind is unhealthy? What gain is there in a good education and a good career, only to lose it by bad behavior? Whether Tiger Woods or Lance Armstrong, we all have blind spots, self-destructive behaviors, and sabotaging dynamics. Your Life Coach is there to protect you from those things you don’t see. 

I want to be at the top of my game. I’ve committed my life to helping others to perform at their best, to feel their best, and to live long healthy happy lives.