Why You’re Programmed to Fail!

Blog 26We are programmed to fail. But you can remedy that, by changing your focus. More in a moment.

First, know that we are born with fallen natures. We live with broken people. We exist in a harsh, negative world. Consequently, we easily fixate on our foibles, our flaws, our frailties, our failings. Our life-lens is intrinsically critical and condemning—looking for shortcomings, weaknesses, blemishes, imperfections.

In addition to that, Martin Seligman discusses the bias on badness in our research. He wrote,“Psychology is half-baked, literally half-baked. We have baked the part about mental illness. We have baked the part about repair and damage. But the other side is unbaked. The side of strengths, the side of what we are good at, the side… of what makes life worth living.” (p. 124, “Now, Discover Your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton).

Sadly, nature and nurture have colluded together to skew our perspective towards defects and deficiencies. We easily obsess on illness, afflictions, sin, and pathology. Regrettably, we know little about real health and happiness.

Want to reprogram your mind for success? Of course! Change your focus! Begin looking at your strengths! Target your talents. Discover what you’re good at, what you like to do, and what you were created to contribute. (If you need help, consider having a Life Coach administer some strength-finder instruments for you, so that you can immediately begin living out of your strengths. I love seeing leaders reignited with passion and zeal after rediscovering their signature strengths.)

We may be programmed to fail. But we are free to reprogram ourselves for success. We are free to reboot, restart, and recover the greatness we were destined for. Begin living a life of wellness, wholeness, soundness and goodness today. Begin working out of plenty. Begin serving out of fullness. Begin to thrive! Live strong!