Be the Bomb!

Blog 37There is a time to blow up myths, barriers, stereotypes, sacred cows, PC blinders, and that demotivating same-old-same-old thinking. There are moments we need to…

  • disarm our melancholy and our mediocrity
  • deactivate our “yes but” excuses and our incessant blaming
  • demobilize our fears and our false selves
  • debilitate our tepidness and our timidity
  • disable our defenses and our robotic plasticity
There are seasons we need to be more dangerous! How about now? What season is your life in? Your marriage? Your business? Your work? Perhaps it’s time to BE THE BOMB! Boom!

The innovators I know are looking for status-quo disrupters. The creative executives I value are eager for explosive results! The entrepreneurs I run with are pining for men and women with gravitas, force, and oomph! Activators ready to make stuff happen!

Consider detonating the old and bringing something new! We all know there is certainly a time to be safe and secure, to be contemplative and cautious, to tip toe, to be patient, and to go slow. When it comes to people (especially family and friends) I never like to be thoughtless, careless, or mindless. I trust you agree.

But when life begins to flatten out, when profits begin to plateau, when business gets boring, when enthusiasm starts to wane, and when things drivel into slop, I say, BE THE BOMB! Life is short. The clock is ticking. Let’s use our noodle and get a little crazy. When neat and tidy isn’t getting us where we want to be, how about getting messy? Blow the lid off, think outside the box, do something different, and get a little dangerous!  What say you?