LB Concept 5

Independence is awesome, but isolation has costs. Being the top dog is cool, but a lone leader has fall out. Success has a downside. Time advancing at work can lead to relationships eroding at home. Effort put into financial gains can bring emotional losses. Being brilliant in one area of life often means there are glaring blind spots in another. Want more than physical and financial health? Thrive emotionally, relationally, and mentally with a physician for your soul. Unfortunately, there are Life Coaches with mail order certifications. Then there are real doctors. I’m a doctor. No one wants a candy-striper to do their brain surgery. Get the best soul-surgeon you can find.

You have life insurance, home insurance, and car insurance, but what are you doing to insure that you don’t lose your mind, your sanity, and the things most important to you? A legit Success Life Coach is the protection you need. When mission control goes down, the whole venture fails. When the computer crashes, all gains are lost. If you’ve been driving without emotional oil for a while now, pull over and get what you need. I’ve undermined myself before. We’ve all sabotaged good work. Safeguard your peace of mind with a personal, private, confidential mental health expert.

I’m a physician of the soul. With a doctorate in integrative studies (anthropology, psychology, and theology) that emphasized emotional, social, and relational health, I know I can help you. I have mind-mending training from the London Institute, the Cloud-Townsend Solutions Seminars, and the Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology. I’ve been a counselor, a recovery guide, an emotional maturity instructor, a psych-ward chaplain, and a wellness confidant and consultant for a long time.
  • You’ve got a brilliant brain; that is why you are where you are. But how do you turn off the chatterbox in your brain”? I know how to help you quiet the mind and to get you the cerebral solace you need for sustained success. Begin releasing toxic thoughts, experiencing peace of mind, and enjoying authentic unstoppable confidence today.
  • You may even have the physical frame of fitness, but the inside needs work. A strong-looking oak, can be gutted on the inside. I’ll make sure you’re balancing the healthy habits (diet, exercise, nutrition, rest, and love) you need to thrive. But more importantly, I’ll make sure you are mind-fit, heart-strong, and gut-ready.
  •  Feel like something is wrong, but you can’t figure it out. No worries. I’m a roots and fruits diagnostic expert. I know a hot forehead is not the problem. A fever is not the illness; it’s the symptom of an internal infection. Your depression or despair, guilt or grief, anxiety or anger is not the problem. It’s the red light on your car dashboard telling you that something is wrong. Don’t disconnect the light; together we can remedy the problem. I offer hope and solutions for the hurts, habits, and hang-ups that concern you.
  • Let’s get you relationally right. Don’t settle for bad relationships and pseudo-relationships. Regain the real relationships you desire.
  •  I’m a LifeBridge committed to helping you to bring things together such as head and heart, strength and beauty, grace and truth, work and play. Regain the equilibrium, the balance, and the harmony you seek. 
  •  If you’re looking at this site, you’re a leader. You take risks. You go for it. You give you’re all. You’re fearless, valiant, and heroic. Yet as you know, you can’t stay on the frontlines of life, day after day, without eventually drawing fire and getting hit. Every soldier needs a stretcher-bearer some time. I’m here when you call.