LS Concept 4

Want to sharpen your leadership ax, refine your managerial skills, upgrade your visionary presence, and take your statesmanship to the next level? I can help. As your ally, advocate, and associate, together we will multiply performance,
profits, and the pleasure of leading.
Grounded in a UCLA Business Administration minor and graduate degrees in Corporate Leadership, I bring the top-dog insights that come from three decades as a CEO, President, and National Executive.
  • Want to blaze trails? Great! I bring you entrepreneurial understanding having pioneered and founded my own corporations, businesses, partnerships, and ministries from the ground up. I have built a $25 million, 11-acre community center, a 1,500 member non-profit, a 300-student campus movement, a 100-family preschool, and a 6-state leadership camp.
  • Need to polish a presentation? You got it! I bring you transferable communication skills and speech coaching that come from years as a keynote speaker, university instructor, radio host, author, speech writer, teaching pastor, and lead trainer at The Communications Center.  I’ve given over 2,000 keynotes at community, corporate, university and nonprofit events. I know how to unleash your toastmaster talents.
  • Struggling to keep up with innovation? No problem. I’m a creativity consultant with years of leading national creativity workshops—as well as directing original artistic shows for the Sun Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Sea World and Disneyland. Business success demands lateral thinking, out-of-the-box insights, and rule-breaking innovation. I know the light bulb will flash when I teach you and your team the secrets to ingenuity, inspiration, and imagination.
  • Desiring clarity on your abilities, your vision, and your struggles? Easy. I’m passionate about helping you to discover your core strengths. As a Strengths Strategy Coach, I’m set to activate your top strengths. And regarding those pesky weaknesses, as a trained mediator and Peacemaker Conflict Coach, I’ll help you to eliminate the hurdles, barriers, obstacles, and toxic dynamics that undermine your life and your workplace.