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Dr. Dave Adds Value to Your Life and Work

I’ve been honored to rouse great men as an author, radio host, and keynote speaker. But nothing compares with the private, confidential, one-on-one coaching with a courageous client. Strengthening you with focused vision, increased value, new clients, additional revenues, and vital camaraderie is my passion.

Together we’ll draw up a customized game-plan to help you win at work and triumph in life. Drawing on my decades of experience as a FitPro Life Coach, a LeadStrong Executive Coach, a LifeBridge Wellness Coach, and an IronSharp Faith Coach, we’ll map out a success strategy addressing the matters most important to you. 

  • I bring the leadership savvy that comes from being a CEO, President, and National Executive.
  • I bring the entrepreneurial understanding that comes from founding my own business, school, and community center.
  • I bring the intellectual wisdom that comes from being a Lead Teacher, University Instructor, and Ph.D.
  • I bring the cultural perspectives that come from being a Goodwill Ambassador, living in three countries abroad, and   traveling to 60 countries of the world.
  • I bring the thoughtful insights that come from years as a Recovery Counselor, Psych-ward Chaplain, and physician of the soul.
  • I bring the spiritual encouragement that comes from being a Faith Mentor, Spiritual Director, and Pastoral Shepherd.
  • I bring the emotional warmth that comes from being happily married three decades, enjoying five grown kids, and journeying with a band of loyal friends.
The heroic men and women I work with already have the moxie to compete and the grit to contend. But they know that sustained winning, demands ongoing streams of cutting-edge wisdom, creative insight, and transcendent resources that come from a seasoned Success Life Coach.