Cameron Mark Lewis on Changing the World

Blog 36Want to change the world? I do. According to Cameron Mark Lewis, a San Francisco based producer and director (specializing in commercial and film production)community and collaboration are the key to world-change. This is why Cameron (also gifted actor, model and musician) founded “Coffee & Catchup,” a networking and collaboration group in the Bay Area for actors and industry professionals working in the commercial, film, theatrical, and print markets. For Cameron, energy, impact, and transformation flow from a cup of creative collaboration.
He comments,“Many of my best ideas never make it out of my head, or get developed to their full potential, until I’m in the accepting presence of someone I trust and respect. In that safe space I can be free to share to the most creative degree. Once that happens, a creative collaboration is born.”

I love that Cameron is not an isolated solo-preneur. He knows that to make a real difference in the world, none of us can do it alone. His emphasis on working with others cooperatively and interdependently to co-create, is practical, relational, and inspiring. I appreciate the value he places on visioneering together as a team.

As Cameron said,“When we put our minds together, that’s when we can change the world.”  Cameron is using his calling and his craft to touch lives. With his incredible eye for talent and his extensive network of freelance professionals, Cameron’s career is taking off managing actors and artists, musicians and models, and producing works that move the heart.

Want to change the world? I do! Thanks Cameron for sharing your exceptional talents, your love for people, and your wisdom in reminding us that we don’t have to do it alone. Yes, community, collaboration, and co-creating are key to making a difference! (Want to encourage Cameron or partner with him? He can be reached at