Lifting Big? Dreaming Big? Who’s Your Spotter?

Spotter with dumbbellsLifting Big? Dreaming Big? Planning Big? Then get a spotter.

Of course, only power-lifters need spotters. Only people pushing themselves to the limit need spotters. Only athletes eager to get every last ounce of gain need spotters. For those everyday gym members satisfied with a little sweat and some modest gains, a spotter is not really necessary. A spotter is needed only when a fitness-fanatic is lifting daunting weights that take him to his breaking point. A spotter is necessary only when a workout warrior wants to see real gains, real growth, and real rewards. For these results-oriented souls, a good spotter is essential. Growth-demanding bodybuilders value a partner who will push them beyond the point where they would normally have to give up and rack the weight.

In work and life, it follows that only power-players really need coaches. Only those pushing themselves to the limit, personally and professionally, need coaches. Only those eager to get every last ounce of gain in their projects and businesses need coaches. For those satisfied with a good enough job and a status quo life, a coach is not necessary. A coach is a must only when a marketplace hero comes along and wants to confront the impractical, the impassable, the inconceivable. Coaches help the daring who insist on dreaming the impossible dream. A coach is necessary when a workplace warrior wants to see unthinkable gains, unimaginable growth, and unattainable rewards. A good coach knows how to push and prod his client beyond the point in which they would normally give up and rack their passions, their hopes, and their dreams.

Lifting Big? Dreaming Big? Planning Big? Then let’s talk. I am a Success Life Coach. I spot business-bodybuilders and entrepreneurial power-lifters!

Explore. Dream. Discover… with a Life Coach

Sailing with yellow sunsetAvoid future disappointment, by making bold choices today. Mark Twain said it this way, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” A Success Life Coach helps make your dreams come true. When you’re ready to throw off the bowlines and boldly sail to new lands, let’s talk.

No Coach. No Go! Coaches Carry You!

Coach Carriage on fieldGot a coach to carry you? I hope so. No coach. No go! Let me explain. In the 16th century a large carriage was called a “coach”—as in a stage coach. It implied the ability to carry weighty and important matters from destination to destination. By the 18th century, the term “coach” was applied to tutors, teachers, and trainers. A tutor carried a student through a difficult exam. A teacher carried a classroom through a difficult subject. A trainer carried an athlete through a difficult sport. Today, top athletes and elite Olympians rely on coaches to keep them at peak performance. Smart businessmen do the same. They have a Success Life Coach to keep their lives and their work at their very best. Smart marketplace executives also hire wise coaches to help carry their corporate teams through difficult challenges, difficult transitions, difficult projects, and difficult deadlines. Got a coach to carry you? I hope so. If not, start today!

The Expensive of an Opportunity Missed!

Blog 4 HourglassNothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity! The time is now. You’re not reading this by accident. This is a providential moment. Lost time is lost money, lost opportunity, and lost growth. Consider investing in a Success Life Coach today. Having a personal spotter, wingman, and armor-bearer will help minimize blind spots, stabilize your health, advance your game, increase your profits, and secure a bolder, brighter future.

A Success Coach Makes a Difference!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWHAAAAJDczMWMxMGE2LTNlMWItNGJhYy1iNTEyLTQzMGVkNjk3OTMyMwFans rarely focus on coaches. Fans pay big bucks to watch talented players perform. But truth be told, coaches have more impact on winning and losing than any one individual player.

Lou Holtz (ESPN Commentator and former Notre Dame Football Coach) once said: “You have to have talent to win, but you can lose with talent, and that’s where coaching can make the difference.”

Who’s your Success Coach? Who’s your Life Coach? You have the talent to win. Don’t miss the distinct advantage that an empowering advocate can make in your personal and professional world.

Top Athletes Use Coaches. Do You?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAU5AAAAJGZiMjkwZjJhLTVlYjQtNDI0Mi1iNmNiLWJmMWE0M2M3ZmYxZAI am a FitPro Life Coach. I champion champions—sports executives, fitness entrepreneurs, athletic businessmen, gym owners, personal trainers, and workplace warriors. I serve as their private, weekly, online personal counselor and consultant making sure they excel both personally and professionally. As every great athlete has his coach, every marketplace leader would do well to have theirs too. My clients all have the moxie to compete and the grit to contend. But to continue sustained winning, a strong trusted advocate in their corner makes a big difference.

Top athletes have routinely relied on coaches to help them get even better at what they already do exceptionally well. Elite athletes use coaches to stay top performers. But research shows that only a third of CEOs are currently receiving the outside perspective and the objective insights they long for.

Why? Men can be loners. They don’t like asking for help. And smart people do dumb stuff–like sucking it up, going it alone, and pretending everything is fine… until it explodes (of course)! Boom! Don’t sabotage yourself. Quit grinding it out alone. A worthy Life Coach is there to back you in the battle. That’s what I do. I spot business powerlifters for a living. I believe men can both win at work and succeed at life. I’d relish hearing your thoughts.

A Life Coach Makes a Difference!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAP_AAAAJDliNDIyY2Q5LTA3MzMtNDYzMC1iNTg5LWE3YWJjYzQ3NDBjZQTimeless Truth: Behind every great athlete is a great coach. So it is, behind every successful sports executive and fitness professional is also great coach. Who is yours?