No Coach. No Go! Coaches Carry You!

Coach Carriage on fieldGot a coach to carry you? I hope so. No coach. No go! Let me explain. In the 16th century a large carriage was called a “coach”—as in a stage coach. It implied the ability to carry weighty and important matters from destination to destination. By the 18th century, the term “coach” was applied to tutors, teachers, and trainers. A tutor carried a student through a difficult exam. A teacher carried a classroom through a difficult subject. A trainer carried an athlete through a difficult sport. Today, top athletes and elite Olympians rely on coaches to keep them at peak performance. Smart businessmen do the same. They have a Success Life Coach to keep their lives and their work at their very best. Smart marketplace executives also hire wise coaches to help carry their corporate teams through difficult challenges, difficult transitions, difficult projects, and difficult deadlines. Got a coach to carry you? I hope so. If not, start today!