Top Athletes Use Coaches. Do You?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAU5AAAAJGZiMjkwZjJhLTVlYjQtNDI0Mi1iNmNiLWJmMWE0M2M3ZmYxZAI am a FitPro Life Coach. I champion champions—sports executives, fitness entrepreneurs, athletic businessmen, gym owners, personal trainers, and workplace warriors. I serve as their private, weekly, online personal counselor and consultant making sure they excel both personally and professionally. As every great athlete has his coach, every marketplace leader would do well to have theirs too. My clients all have the moxie to compete and the grit to contend. But to continue sustained winning, a strong trusted advocate in their corner makes a big difference.

Top athletes have routinely relied on coaches to help them get even better at what they already do exceptionally well. Elite athletes use coaches to stay top performers. But research shows that only a third of CEOs are currently receiving the outside perspective and the objective insights they long for.

Why? Men can be loners. They don’t like asking for help. And smart people do dumb stuff–like sucking it up, going it alone, and pretending everything is fine… until it explodes (of course)! Boom! Don’t sabotage yourself. Quit grinding it out alone. A worthy Life Coach is there to back you in the battle. That’s what I do. I spot business powerlifters for a living. I believe men can both win at work and succeed at life. I’d relish hearing your thoughts.