Be the Bomb!

Blog 37There is a time to blow up myths, barriers, stereotypes, sacred cows, PC blinders, and that demotivating same-old-same-old thinking. There are moments we need to…

  • disarm our melancholy and our mediocrity
  • deactivate our “yes but” excuses and our incessant blaming
  • demobilize our fears and our false selves
  • debilitate our tepidness and our timidity
  • disable our defenses and our robotic plasticity
There are seasons we need to be more dangerous! How about now? What season is your life in? Your marriage? Your business? Your work? Perhaps it’s time to BE THE BOMB! Boom!

The innovators I know are looking for status-quo disrupters. The creative executives I value are eager for explosive results! The entrepreneurs I run with are pining for men and women with gravitas, force, and oomph! Activators ready to make stuff happen!

Consider detonating the old and bringing something new! We all know there is certainly a time to be safe and secure, to be contemplative and cautious, to tip toe, to be patient, and to go slow. When it comes to people (especially family and friends) I never like to be thoughtless, careless, or mindless. I trust you agree.

But when life begins to flatten out, when profits begin to plateau, when business gets boring, when enthusiasm starts to wane, and when things drivel into slop, I say, BE THE BOMB! Life is short. The clock is ticking. Let’s use our noodle and get a little crazy. When neat and tidy isn’t getting us where we want to be, how about getting messy? Blow the lid off, think outside the box, do something different, and get a little dangerous!  What say you?

Cameron Mark Lewis on Changing the World

Blog 36Want to change the world? I do. According to Cameron Mark Lewis, a San Francisco based producer and director (specializing in commercial and film production)community and collaboration are the key to world-change. This is why Cameron (also gifted actor, model and musician) founded “Coffee & Catchup,” a networking and collaboration group in the Bay Area for actors and industry professionals working in the commercial, film, theatrical, and print markets. For Cameron, energy, impact, and transformation flow from a cup of creative collaboration.
He comments,“Many of my best ideas never make it out of my head, or get developed to their full potential, until I’m in the accepting presence of someone I trust and respect. In that safe space I can be free to share to the most creative degree. Once that happens, a creative collaboration is born.”

I love that Cameron is not an isolated solo-preneur. He knows that to make a real difference in the world, none of us can do it alone. His emphasis on working with others cooperatively and interdependently to co-create, is practical, relational, and inspiring. I appreciate the value he places on visioneering together as a team.

As Cameron said,“When we put our minds together, that’s when we can change the world.”  Cameron is using his calling and his craft to touch lives. With his incredible eye for talent and his extensive network of freelance professionals, Cameron’s career is taking off managing actors and artists, musicians and models, and producing works that move the heart.

Want to change the world? I do! Thanks Cameron for sharing your exceptional talents, your love for people, and your wisdom in reminding us that we don’t have to do it alone. Yes, community, collaboration, and co-creating are key to making a difference! (Want to encourage Cameron or partner with him? He can be reached at

Steve Jobs’ Advice for Success

Blog 35Steve Jobs has some great business advice for those of us eager to succeed at work. According to this I.T. entrepreneur and inventor, (known for being the co-founder and CEO of Apple), being ourselves is foundational to being successful.

He said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living some else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

To Steve Jobs, everything is secondary to his primary concern that we be ourselves. I summarize his sentiment this way:

  • Life is short.
  • Live your life.
  • Listen to your inner voice.
  • Be courageous.
  • Follow your heart.
  • Become yourself.

Great advice. Hard to do. To make this process easier for people, one of my favorite things to do as a Life Coach with my clients is to give them various assessments that allow them to see their unique personality, their core values, and their innate strengths more objectively. Being ourselves first involves being aware of who we were created to be (not who others tell us to be).

As Steve Jobs said,“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living some else’s life.”  So take some time to become self-aware of who you are, what you like, and how you want to make a difference on the planet. Quit looking around at everyone else. Be yourself! Write out some goals. Get feedback from family and friends. Do some discovery exercises on line, if you like.

The world is filled with way too many copycats. Think fingerprint, think snowflake, and bring your own interesting self to the table. Offer your uniqueness as a gift to the world. And if you want a little help in the process, consider investing in a Life Coach who will partner with you in discovering your signature strengths and in setting your compass on its own personalized path–so you’ll have a lifetime of being yourself and enjoying it!

Business Brilliance from Thomas Edison

Blog 34Business is tough. Here’s some workplace wisdom from Thomas Edison: Don’t give upAt least, don’t give up too soon! There’s a time to cut our losses, but don’t be blind to the success that could be just around your corner.
Edison was an American inventor and businessman born in 1847. He held 1,093 patents and is revered for developing the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the electric light bulb. Before you pull the plug on your enterprise, before you throw in the towel with your company, Edison believed, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
  • Before you give up, ask family and friends for their perspective.
  • Before you wave the white flag, find some trusted colleagues who can bring much-needed insight and another view.
  • Before you lay down your arms, consider working with a Life Coach who can give you an accurate assessment of where you really are.

Of course, all of us fail in life. Failure is a part of accomplishing anything. But how heart-breaking to fail when we don’t have to. Some of you are closer to success than you know. Before you give up, give yourself every opportunity for a light bulb to go on, for an aha moment to arise, and for a breakthrough to happen. I wish you success!

Super Bowl Rejects Give us Super Hope!

Blog 33Ever been rejected, castoff, or fired? It’s no fun. I know firsthand. But be inspired! With tenacity and talent your story is not done. Night may fall, but morning is coming. Darkness may loom, but light will shine. God has something “SUPER” for you.
This Sunday’s Super Bowl is filled with heroes who withstood being let go, laid off, and discarded. Men, like you, who are overcomers! I thank Rob Maaddi for his AP article (titled, “Super Bowl Rosters Filled with Castoffs from Other Teams”) which made me aware of eight players who refused to give up and found a way to claw their way back into a SUPER opportunity!

I tip my helmet to these persevering pig-skinners!

(1) Evan Mathis, the two-time Pro Bowl guard, was unexpectedly released by the Eagles. Heartbreak was averted when Denver picked him up. He’ll block for quarterback Peyton Manning this Sunday.

(2) Kurt Coleman got dumped by Chip Kelly as well a year ago. Carolina assuaged the blow when they picked him up. Coleman led the Panthers with nine interceptions this year. He’ll play Sunday!

(3) Ted Ginn, Jr has had a series of disappointments—being released from Miami, San Francisco, and Arizona over the years. But Carolina gave him another chance and he responded with 10 touchdown receptions this year. He’ll play Sunday!

(4) Robert McClain was cut by the Patriots. Carolina nabbed him and he’ll play Sunday!

(5) Shiloh Keo was unemployed and despairing when he tweeted Bronco Coach Phillips and begged for a chance. He got it and will play on Sunday!

(6) Michael Oher was cut by Tennessee (one year into his $20 million, four-year contract). Ouch! Carolina snatched him up. He’ll play Sunday.

(7) Jared Allen, the four-time All-Pro defensive end was traded by the Bears to Carolina in October. He’ll play Sunday!

(8) Cortland Finnegan was on the retired list in late November but Carolina resurrected his dead career and signed him. He’ll play Sunday!

Stay the Course. Endure. Fight On!

Life and work are hard! The journey involves rejections, firings, betrayals, and disappointments. But with tenacity and talent, we are called to press on. These SUPER men did. We can too. Let’s encourage each other to do so. As a Life Coach, I’ve committed my life to partnering with good men and to helping them to get back on their feet and back in the game.
Difficulties are not a dead end. Setbacks are not the end of the story. I believe in providence. Nothing happens by chance. Let’s shake off our hurtful happenings and trust that God indeed has something SUPER for us all. These Super Bowl rejects give us SUPER hope. Be encouraged!

Cam Newton’s Winning Advice

Blog 32

#1 Cam Newton has some advice for winning.

But first, let me remind you that this is Super Bowl Week. The Carolina Panthers will compete on Sunday against the Denver Broncos at Levi’s Stadium (in Santa Clara, California). The NFL championship and the coveted silver Vince Lombardi Trophy are on the line. 70,000 folks will watch in the stadium and an additional 114 million will watch on TV. If you need it, kickoff time is 6:30pm ET (3:30pm PT).

A big part of this year’s 50th Super Bowl is Cam Newton. What a personality. This Auburn Heisman Trophy winner, and now Carolina Quarterback, has given us some poignant non-verbal advice on preparing for victory. His advice came when he arrived this week in the Bay Area sporting $900 zebra-print jeans from Versace.

With all the cameras on him and all the journalists in view, what did this fashion choice say? I’m told it’s the gaudiest pair of pants Cam has ever worn. Perhaps there is a message there for us. His attention-grabbing wardrobe seems to shout it out. It makes a statement. It gives advice. Here it is:

BE BOLD! Be yourself. Be different. Be true.

Boldness is key in business. Boldness is key in relationships. Boldness is key in life. I’m asking myself, “how can I be more bold?” Not bold in fashion, but bold in faith. Not bold in dress, but bold in desire. Not bold in attire, but bold in service, value, and love.

You and I won’t have 70 CBS cameras on us this Sunday. The NFL isn’t going to make $620 million off of us this weekend. And there won’t be $4.2 billion in wagers placed on our play. But in our own personal and professional lives, there are still a few people watching. According to Cam Newton (at least according to his pants), we’ve been advised not to tip-toe, hide, or be shy. Walk tall. Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to get out there. Have a little fun. And BE BOLD!

I welcome your thoughts.

The Key to Massive Gains

Blog 31Lifting Big? Dreaming Big? Planning Big? Then get a spotter. The right form and the right workout can’t replace the huge hefty gains that only come with that final rep—made possible with a spotter present. The right diet and the right supplements can’t replace the massive mammoth gains that only come with that last contracted pump—made possible with a spotter by your side.

The key to radical, ridiculous gains (with your build and with your business) is a spotter. That’s why all serious power-lifters and power-brokers have a spotter. People pushing themselves to the limit on the playing field and in the business field need spotters. Athletes and entrepreneurs eager to get every last ounce of gain need spotters. For those everyday gym members and come-as-you-are board members satisfied with a little sweat and some modest gains, a spotter is not really necessary.

A spotter is needed only when a fitness-fanatic (and a corporate crazy-man) is lifting daunting weights that take him to his breaking point. A spotter is necessary only when a workout warrior and workplace winner wants to see real gains, real growth, and real rewards. For these results-oriented souls, a good spotter is essential. Growth-demanding bodybuilders and business-builders value a partner who will push them beyond the point where they would normally have to give up and rack the weight.

In work and life, it follows that only power-players really need a spotter Another name for a spotter is a coach—a life coach, a business coach, a success coach. Those pushing themselves to the limit, personally and professionally, need coaches. Those eager to get every last ounce of gain in their projects and enterprises need coaches. For those satisfied with a good enough job and a status quo life, a coach is not necessary. A coach is a must when a marketplace hero comes along and wants to confront the impractical, the impassable, the inconceivable.

Coaches help the daring who insist on dreaming the impossible dream. A coach is necessary when a corporate cadet wants to see unthinkable gains, unimaginable growth, and unattainable rewards. A good coach knows how to push and prod his client beyond the point in which they would normally give up and rack their passions, their hopes, and their dreams.

Lifting Big? Dreaming Big? Planning Big? Then let’s talk. The key to massive gains (with your build and with your business) is a killer coach to spot you, to push you, to inspire you, and to get it done!

Coach Joe Paterno’s Secret to Success

Blog 30Everyone wants to be a success. We all want our teams (at work, in life, and on the field) to win. Joe Paterno understood how to pull victories out of his athletes because he understood the guts of coaching. Known for his amazing tenure of coaching the Penn State Nittany Lions from 1966 to 2011, Joe was a man of heart and depth. He’d spur others on by telling them, “Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things.”
Joe did great things. He is the winningest coach in major college football history with 409 wins. He got those wins because he’s a man of spirit and soul. He was a thoughtful personality of marrow, pith and vivacity. His words and ways led to 37 bowl appearances and two national championships.
Joe used to say,“To teach an academic subject is certainly not easy, but compared to coaching, it is. We can say ‘two plus two is four’ to every kid and be sure that we are right. But in coaching, we have to literally get to the soul of the people we are dealing with.”
Meaningful, lasting success is a matter of the soul. Growth, maturity and development all come from the soul. Accomplishments, wins and championships take soul. Joe Paterno’s secret to success was getting to the soul
of his players. Gaining access to their core. Building trust. Garnering respect. Affirming strength. Charging them with greatness.
Want success? Coach Paterno has a good word for us all. Success is more certain when we“get the soul of the people we are dealing with.” Leaders do your best to get the soul of your laborers. Managers work hard to get the soul of your members.
And if I might add a practical note for you hardworking executives and entrepreneurs, finding the soul of your colleagues and the heart of your team is more likely when someone has helped you to find yours. Consider finding a your own Joe Paterno. Think about hiring your own coach who gets to your soul. Your own professional mentor who hears your heart. Someone who feels your essence. Someone who champions your dreams. Seems like a practical way for everyone to be a success! I welcome your thoughts.

Why CEO Eric Schmidt Believes Every Leader Needs a Coach

Blog 29Everybody needs a coach—at least according to Eric Schmidt who is currently the Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc. If you don’t recognize his name, let me remind you that Eric was on the board at Apple from 2006-2009. He became incredibly noteworthy when he served as the CEO of Google for a decade from 2001-2011. He’s a smart guy (with a bachelors from Princeton University and a masters and Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley). What does the man with a net worth of $11 billion have to teach us? Lots, of course! But his thoughts on every leader having a personal coach are compelling.

In watching an interview with him on YouTube ( I was most struck by his insistence on the importance of every entrepreneur and executive of having their own coach. He shared how he has his own personal, private coach! He said, “Everybody needs a coach!” A Life Coach. A Business Coach. A Success Coach of some sort.

This brilliant man noted, “Every famous athlete, every famous performer has somebody who is a coach… to give them perspective.” He continues, “One thing others are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really really helps!” I was so impressed by his candor and humility. Such a liberating perspective! How gracious to remind us all that we do our best work with the help, assistance, and partnership of others.

Let’s face it, we all want to think that we’re brilliant, or at least smart enough to do what we’re called to do on our own. But we’re not. We are not enough by ourselves, that is, if we’re looking to be the best at our craft, to do something amazing in our field, or to make a significant mark in the world. If Erich Schmidt has a coach, then I trust everybody needs a coach. I have a few coaches myself. I even have a coach to help me better coach. I value the perspective. I’ve seen the rich return on this investment. How about you? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts.

3 Ways You Need to be like Donald Trump

Blog 28Donald Trump is a current phenomenon. This American billionaire business magnate is dominating headlines. This bombastic investor, socialite, author, and television personality is the talk of the town. This 2016 candidate for President of the United States is leading in the polls. What can we learn from this man’s popularity and appeal?

In an article titled, “Why People Like Trump”, author Jack Schafer, Ph.D., writes,“People like Trump not for what he says, but for how he says it. Right, wrong, or indifferent Trump takes a stand.” (October 22, 2015). The world is desperate for leaders. The markets are hungry for confidence. Businesses are pining for people with courage. Take a stand. Improve your personal relationships and your professional career by how you say things.

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, here are three things you can glean from his success that people really like.

(1) Give Simple Answers. Explanations may be complex and layered. But people want simple, intuitive answers. Trump gives that. Washington Post writer, Jeff Guo, summarized Trumps sublime responses this way, “If you don’t like immigration, build a wall. If you’re suspicious of Muslims, track them in a database. If you support police officers, impose the death penalty on cop killers” (December 12, 2015). Clear. Easy. Understandable. Simple!
(2) Give Straight Answers. The world is already twisted enough. Don’t contort your speech. Don’t equivocate. Don’t misdirect. Don’t parse. Don’t pander. Shoot straight. Land the plane. Say it as it is. Trump does this. Jesus, himself, taught this, saying, “Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no’” (Matthew 5:37). Direct. Honest. True. Straight!
(3) Give Strong Answers. Donald Trump doesn’t tip toe. He responds with force. Political correctness stifles speech; it sensors thought; it fosters fear. People are fed up and frustrated with PC talk. Know the facts. Garner the truth. Decide what you believe. And express the full weight of your thoughts without apology. Never hurts to have a little charisma, dynamism, and authority in your talk. Solid. Firm. Resolute. Strong!
Most of us don’t have a lot in common with Donald Trump. But here are three things we can align with him on. (1) Give Simple Answers. (2) Give Straight Answers. And (3) Give Strong Answers. Hope that’s helpful. If not, then as Trump would say himself, “Deal with it!” (ha!)