Work & Life Safety Increases with a Coach!

Spotter in redHaving a spotter is a crucial component in weightlifting resistance training. A spotter brings several benefits such as increased safety, motivation, gains, and confidence (in the gym, in work, and in life).

Let’s discuss increased safety for a moment; it is critical. Athletes who train without spotters bench press less weight, see less gains, and put themselves at a much higher risk of serious injury. Don’t get hurt. When a lifter maxes out and pushes themself to failure, the spotter is there to give needed encouragement, assistance, and relief.

Having a physical spotter in the gym is one thing. Having a personal and professional spotter in work and in life is another thing. A Success Life Coach is a spotter who minimizes the high risks and volatility of marketplace mistakes, conflict, and injuries. So much can go wrong on the job. So much can go south at home. Don’t lift it all alone. Increase your safety quotient with a coach! When a business-builder maxes out of ideas and pushes themselves to exhaustion, the coach is there to give needed encouragement, assistance, and relief.

Are you enjoying the safety benefits of a spotter? If not, let’s talk.