Blog 11Ever get stuck? It’s no fun. Especially when you have 275 pounds crushing your chest. Never again. Get a spotter! Athletes know having a spotter is a crucial component in weightlifting resistance training. It’s also vital in managing the weight of career, finances, stress, and relationships. A spotter brings the benefits of increased safety, motivation, gains, and confidence–in the gym, in work, and in life.

Best of all, a barbell spotter helps an ambitious sportsman get through the “sticking point” of the lift—which usually occurs about halfway through the forceful exertion of lifting a weight. Failure to get support through this vulnerable impasse is dangerous. For workplace warriors, eager to attempt weighty matters, a spotter is essential, nonnegotiable, and a must.

A Success Life Coach is a spotter who helps ambitious entrepreneurs push through the “sticking points” of their corporate world. A competent coach can also spot you through those relational sticking points with colleagues, employees, boards, trustees, clients, competitors, and even spouses. And perhaps most importantly, a seasoned Life Coach can spot you through the emotional sticking points of fatigue, stress, depression, and the inherent loneliness of leadership.

You’re a powerlifter in life. You go for it. You take on weighty matters. You tackle big things. And you have the gains to show for it. Keep it up; but be smart. We all risk getting stuck. Get a spotter!