Brad Pitt’s Timeless Lesson for Leaders

Blog 17Here’s some Bronze Age wisdom for our modern era. You are vulnerable. There, I said it! You are vulnerable! I am vulnerable. We must all be careful! Like the famous Greek warrior, Achilles, played by Brad Pitt in the epic war film “Troy,” all of us have a soft spot. We have an underbelly. The unsinkable Titanic did. We all have chinks in our armor. Or as the timeless tale goes, we all have an “Achilles Heel”—a liability, a susceptibility, a vulnerability.

When this vulnerable heel of ours is tempted, provoked, attacked, and pierced with arrows, our tragic flaw runs the risk of becoming our fatal flaw. So what is workplace warrior to do? Here are 3 Heel-Guard Tips:

(1) Own It! Achilles has a weakness. Brad Pitt has a defect. I have a host of handicaps. You have your own frailties, failings, and flaws. What vulnerable areas do you have that could compromise and damage your business? Whatever they are, own it, embrace it, and take responsibility for it.

(2) Plan for It! In the movie Troy, Achilles says, “I want what all men want. I just wanted more.” We must plan for our fallen longings and our carnal natures to arise. We must be on guard against our own lack of contentment and ingratitude. Heads up, our selfishness often arises when we are overly hungry, tired, and depleted. Plan a strategy to head off your own destructive dynamics. Cover your heel! Guard your heart. Plan. Strategize. Activate!

(3) Get Help! We all know despite how strong, valiant and mighty Achilles was, he was not invincible. Either are we. Despite all our personal and professional good, we all have areas we could use assistance. Avoid the perils and pitfalls of having one area of your life undermine all the other good you have to offer. Look to other noble Spartans for help.

You’re a good Greek warrior. Troy has met its match. But all your riches, glory, and fame are threatened when you take unprotected risks. Fight on, but watch your heel. And consider Brad Pitt’s great lesson for leaders. You are vulnerable. Be careful. Don’t war alone. And perhaps consider a Life Coach to have your back.