The Key to Massive Gains

Blog 31Lifting Big? Dreaming Big? Planning Big? Then get a spotter. The right form and the right workout can’t replace the huge hefty gains that only come with that final rep—made possible with a spotter present. The right diet and the right supplements can’t replace the massive mammoth gains that only come with that last contracted pump—made possible with a spotter by your side.

The key to radical, ridiculous gains (with your build and with your business) is a spotter. That’s why all serious power-lifters and power-brokers have a spotter. People pushing themselves to the limit on the playing field and in the business field need spotters. Athletes and entrepreneurs eager to get every last ounce of gain need spotters. For those everyday gym members and come-as-you-are board members satisfied with a little sweat and some modest gains, a spotter is not really necessary.

A spotter is needed only when a fitness-fanatic (and a corporate crazy-man) is lifting daunting weights that take him to his breaking point. A spotter is necessary only when a workout warrior and workplace winner wants to see real gains, real growth, and real rewards. For these results-oriented souls, a good spotter is essential. Growth-demanding bodybuilders and business-builders value a partner who will push them beyond the point where they would normally have to give up and rack the weight.

In work and life, it follows that only power-players really need a spotter Another name for a spotter is a coach—a life coach, a business coach, a success coach. Those pushing themselves to the limit, personally and professionally, need coaches. Those eager to get every last ounce of gain in their projects and enterprises need coaches. For those satisfied with a good enough job and a status quo life, a coach is not necessary. A coach is a must when a marketplace hero comes along and wants to confront the impractical, the impassable, the inconceivable.

Coaches help the daring who insist on dreaming the impossible dream. A coach is necessary when a corporate cadet wants to see unthinkable gains, unimaginable growth, and unattainable rewards. A good coach knows how to push and prod his client beyond the point in which they would normally give up and rack their passions, their hopes, and their dreams.

Lifting Big? Dreaming Big? Planning Big? Then let’s talk. The key to massive gains (with your build and with your business) is a killer coach to spot you, to push you, to inspire you, and to get it done!