Make the Call and Get Started!

The heroes I work with are all hungry, fierce, and courageous. They are contenders and competitors who hate mediocrity, plateaus, and the status quo. They are passionate people willing to sweat, invest, risk, and partner with a coach to see catalytic results and exponential returns they could never achieve on their own.

The brave men and women I serve have a Spartan work ethic, but they know hard work is not enough. Successful people sabotage, smart people do stupid stuff, top performers, under-perform, and strong men buckle. To maximize their gains, minimize losses, and to take their lives to the next level, I am their watchman on the wall, their guardian at the gates.

To get started, it’s easy!

  • Make the call! Decide for yourself that you’re ready to take your work and your life to the next level. No more same as usual. Time to do something bold!
  • Grab your schedule.
  • Text me at 661-433-8344 or email me at dave@drdavewhite.com and suggest some possible days and times we could connect.
  • We’ll establish an agreeable touch-point to meet.
  • Our first call, FaceTime or Skype, will be a free opportunity to simply get to know each other a bit and to explore the possibility of working together.
  • If you believe the value is there, we’ll discussing pricing, set a schedule, we’ll form a partnership and begin your success journey together.
  • I look forward to hearing from you!