IS Concept 6b

Many people value a spiritual dimension to life. They believe in God and see life, not as the result of random chance, but part of a providential plan. To them life is eternal and is much more than the temporal here and now. Vision, hope, and transcendence are important to them.

They are principled people with scruples, morals, and ethics. But even more so they are people of conscience eager to live aligned with their creator. Integrity is important to these people. They are zealous for their behaviors to align with their beliefs, their conduct to parallel their creeds. They are eager to be salt and light at home and at work.

Most of my clients are not religious. In fact, many people I work with see a lot of religious people as legalistic, hypocritical, judgmental and (if I can say it) weird. But many of my clients are spiritually sensitive and have passion about their personal relationship with God. For them, Life Coaching includes being a faith mentor and a spiritual guide in their journey.

I came to Christ in Germany, went to seminary in England, lived as a missionary in Russia, and led Goodwill Ventures in Palestine and Thailand. I have traveled to more than 60 countries of the world and shared my respect for people of all faiths.

I have directed college students with Cru, toured with Athletes in Action , taught at a Christian University, planted a church, led as a Senior Pastor, and served as a Non-profit CEO. I know how to integrate faith into my coaching for those who want it.

  • If you want to slay giants, shut the mouths of lions, and move mountains spiritually, I’d be blessed to serve you in that way.
  • What profit is a fit body, mind, and spirit… if character formation and heart transformation are important for you, then you’ll value having a theologically trained faith coach.
  • If you need someone to put on the full armor of God with you and to fight the good fight at your side, I’m here.
  • If you’re looking for a watchman on the wall to make sure your personal and professional life has the protection you desire, that’s me.
  • If you want a Success Life Coach who believes in prayer, believes in miracles, and believes in you, let’s talk.

Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” IronSharp Faith Coaching is for those eager to have the honing, refining, and improving that comes with intentional camaraderie.