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I champion champions (literally)—sports executives, fitness entrepreneurs, athletic businessmen, gym owners, personal trainers, and workplace warriors. I’m not surprised my private practice has grown to include so many corporate quarterbacks—from boxers and bodybuilders, to crossfitters and chiropractors, marathoners and managers, footballers and fanatics.

My journey as an athlete began in the womb with mom teaching P.E. while dad coached and officiated sports. I was breastfed on Gatorade, spoon-fed Wheaties, raised in a uniform, and surrounded with dumbbells, barbells, bats and balls. Forget winter, spring, summer or fall, our seasons were basketball, baseball, swimming, and football. I’ve played everything, coached a few teams, and spent the past three decades officiating ProAm, ABA, FIBA, and NCAA Basketball—including 12 March Madness tournaments, capped by one National Championship game. Apparently I infected my five kids with “sportsitis” too—since three played college sports, two became D1 National All-Americans, and one is a Head Coach at the University of Oregon. For fun I’ve traveled to 18 Olympic cities—from Athens to Amsterdam, Berlin to Barcelona, Munich to Moscow, London to LA. I’m currently working with a team committed to visioneering a state-of-the-art LA2024 Sportsplex to be hosted in my home town.
My calling is…
  • Championing athletically-minded, performance-driven, results-oriented contenders in their life and work. Because health nuts can go nuts, without appropriate emotional safeguards, relational protections, and lifestyle boundaries.
  • Coaching coaches, training trainers, and standing behind courageous men in the great arena.
  • Spotting business powerlifters so they can achieve more.
  • Supporting Triathletes, Marathoners, Ironmen with their nutritional demands, training objectives, performance goals, mental health, sponsorship needs, and life balance.
  • Serving as a professional advocate and relational ally for fitness models, actors, stuntmen, elite acrobats and other performers with unique chronic displacement and isolation.
  • Helping Crossfitters and Chiropractors to build their businesses, to increase their profits, and to upgrade their services.
  • Assisting Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, and Physical Therapists in generating more clients and developing multiple streams of income.
  • Guiding NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS athletes through the emotional rigors of professional life and the traumatic transitions of trades and terminations.