Every Leader’s Secret Struggle

Blog 14Everyone struggles. But leaders struggle in a uniquely painful way. All of us have gaps, insecurities, weaknesses, and blind spots. All of us know there are areas we are not skilled, proficient, or competent. But in general, most of us celebrate the select gifts, talents, and skills that we do have, and it is “enough.” We have enough schooling, enough training, and enough ability to live full meaningful lives. But not leaders.

 Leaders are in the spotlight. Leaders are idealized, scrutinized, and criticized. Consequently, leaders don’t like looking at or sharing their insecurities. I know I don’t. No surprise then, that leaders struggle with “Not Enough!”

 I’m not talking about… not enough staff, not enough business, or not enough profits (though those matters can be stressful for CEOs and business owners). Leaders secretly struggle with not being educated enough, not knowing enough, and not being insightful enough. No matter how much they seem to read, seminar, network, or labor, it’s “Not Enough!” They have books, credentials, academic degrees, and experience, yet something quietly haunts them inside. Something deep down nags at them, saying, “you don’t know what you’re doing; you’re a fake; you will be found out; you are not enough.”

To counter this secret buried terror, most Head Kahunas, Chief Poohbahs, and Big Cheese Executives typically do what they do best; they double down. They put their head down, bite the bullet, and do more of the same thing—expending more hours, on more work, with more investment. But the “Not Enough” blahs remain. Workplace warriors don’t like to complain, to pander to feelings, or to confess their angst to others—especially employees and colleagues.

 So, what’s a leader to do?

(1) Realize the “Not Enough” blues are universal. Every honest, human leader has them from time to time.

(2) Share your “Not Enough” guilt with close family and friends who are happy to share with you all the ways you are more than enough.

(3) Consider partnering with a Success Life Coach who not only understands and empathizes with your experience, but who can help you (with professional experience, tools, resources, and analytics) to enjoy your unique personality profile, your customized strength map, your personalized success matrix, and (perhaps most importantly) your intrinsic “Enoughness!”