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Custom Coaching to Fit Your Needs

No one is one-dimensional or two-dimensional. People are complex and profound. We are more than three-dimensional beings. We are layered, variegated, and diversified. That’s why I offer multiple facets and frames, multiple angles and approaches to serve the wholeness needs of my clients. There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to transforming one’s character and career.
FP Concept 4
My experience as FitPro Life Coach addresses the sole proprietor and competitive entrepreneur in you. Together we’ll focus on growing your brand, clients, profits, and revenue streams. We’ll combat isolation, stress, chronic fatigue, blind spots, and self-doubt . Topics include: targeted mission, performance standards, practical next steps, goals, budgets, and deadlines. (Scroll down to the FitPro Life Coaching page to read more).
LS Concept 4
My experience as a LeadStrong Executive Coach addresses the business owner and marketplace leader in you. Together we’ll focus on growing your enterprise, strength profile, 360 wisdom, corporate culture, communication skills, and conflict management style. We’ll combat the loneliness of leadership, the envy of colleagues, the impossibility of life balance, and the intrinsic barrage of pressures and criticisms that accompany C-level success. Topics include: dual relationships, the destructive nature of work, professional boundaries, delegation, trust, statesmanship, and power of service. (Scroll down to the LeadStrong Executive Coaching page to read more).
LB Concept 5
My experience as a LifeBridge Wellness Coach addresses your personal health and wellness. Together we’ll focus on growing your emotional awareness, physical prowess, mental crispness, and relational happiness. We’ll look at hurts, habits, and hang-ups that are keeping you from your peak performance. We’ll combat life-sucking people, emotionally draining situations, self-sabotaging dynamics, and the destructiveness of stress, anger, depression, and despair.  Topics include: eating habits, vitamin supplementation, exercise regiment, sleeping practices, proper rest and relaxation, recovery issues, hobbies, friends, and total fitness. (Scroll down to the LifeBridge Wellness Coaching page to read more).
IS Concept 6b
My experience as a IronSharp Faith Coach addresses your intrinsic need to be a part of something bigger than yourself. For those interested, we’ll focus on growing your faith, your character, and your courage. We’ll discuss discovering your destiny, unleashing your gifts, maturing spiritually, and caring for your soul. We’ll combat worry, fear, and the difficulties of living in a godless culture. Topics include: stewardship vs. selfishness, roots and fruits, eternal perspective, contentment, gratitude, being a blessing, prayer, community, accountability, and hope. (Scroll down to the IronSharp Faith Coaching page to read more).
Bottom line, with me you get to customize your coaching experience to meet those needs most pressing to you. I’m not a rookie with some cheesy mail-by-order coaching certificate. I’m a renaissance man with three decades of proven experience. Together we can change the world. You have what it takes. I’m here to help.  Let’s do it!