Leading Warriors have Armor-Bearers!

Blog 13You’re a leading warrior! Who’s your armor-bearer? Did you know these revered protective shield-bearers date back to the ancient days of Pharaohs in Egypt? History testifies that for thousands of years all leading men had a trusted private attendant. More than just a bodyguard, these side-kick soldiers were life-guards and hope-guards. In a hostile world, armor-bearers had the awesome responsibility of securing the safety and success of their commanding officer. It’s sad to note that so many modern market-men are pining at business and at life alone. They lug, by themselves, all the stress, weight, and pressures of corporate warfare. Today, a 21st century Life Coach offers the benefits of a 1st century armor-bearer.

So traditional and commonplace was the armor-bearer, that the Bible even records several of these important battle-tested servants in Scripture. These loyal military companions are affirmed for carrying the large shield, along with other weapons and supplies, for a king (1 Samuel 31:4), a commander-in-chief (2 Samuel 23:37), a captain (1 Samuel 14:7) and a champion (1 Samuel 17:7). Men like Abimelech (Judges 9:54), Saul (1 Samuel 16:21), Jonathan (1 Samuel 14:6-17), and Joab (2 Samuel 18:15) all had armor-bearers.

You’re a leading warrior, a corporate king, an entrepreneurial general! Again I ask; who’s your armor-bearer? Who’s your trusted Life Coach? Who’s helping you with availability and assistance, strength and security—particularly in times of danger? And we certainly live in dangerous times, competitive times, changing times. Perhaps it’s time to let someone else do some of the heavy lifting and dirty work with you. Perhaps it’s time to consider enjoying the personal and professional support a gifted Life Coach can bring.

I wish you well, warrior. Fight on, inspiring executive. But remember, you don’t have to fight and build a business alone. Historically, all leading warriors had an armor-bearer. I do. I hope you do too.