Every Leader’s Most Needed Gift

Blog 18

Don’t miss the obvious! Every leader needs this gift! Leaders are readers; but a book is not their favorite gift. Leaders love gadgets; but a new toy is not their longing. Every leader’s favorite gift is not a thing. Whether they admit it or not, every leader’s greatest need, and therefore greatest gift, is a person. Beneath all that confidence, competence and charisma is an earthy real human need for companionship and assistance from another person in the journey.

Professionally, leaders relish the privilege of serving, empowering, and unleashing people. But given all the criticism, heartache, and betrayals leaders endure, the love and loyalty of a meaningful personal relationship is an awesome gift for any leader. So this Christmas, forget the fruitcake. Gift your favorite leader with a person.

Start by giving him or her, your own personal support. Personal fidelity is powerful gift to a leader. Then do all you can to help your boss have time away with the person most energizing and enriching for him or her. Perhaps encourage your corporation to hire a person to serve as a leader’s liaison, assistant, and aid. I’ve never met a leader who couldn’t use extra help getting goals met, projects done, and objectives finished.

As a leader yourself, maybe this is the year to gift yourself with a person. Consider investing in a customized and private Life Coach committed to serving you, resourcing you, and championing your personal and professional needs. Every great leader I know is supported by an incredible co-pilot, wingman, spotter, or armor-bearer of some kind.

Finally, on this Christmas Eve, let’s not forget God’s greatest gift to us all. Again, not a trinket or a toy. Not a gizmo or a gadget. But a person. The person of Jesus Christ. Unwrap and enjoy the gift of His love, grace, peace, and hope this year! Merry Christmas to you!